Get access to Pearson Clinical Assessment's Digital Solutions!

As your local approved distributor of Pearson Clinical Assessment products in Ireland, Outside The Box Learning Resources are happy to provide you with information on their digital tools that will help transform the way you work 

The benefits of Digital Assessment

Tailored to You 

Data can be customized to how you work

Time Saving

Users report up to 30% time saving when using Q-interactive for administration and scoring 

Improve Efficiency and Accuracy

When fields aren’t filled in prompts appear to ensure information is not missed

Access from Anywhere

Access your Q-global account from any laptop or tablet device connected to the internet

Pearson Clinical Assessment's Q-Platforms, and Available Digital Assessments 

Pearson Clinical Assessment offer two digital solutions, Q-Global and Q-Interactive, both of which offer you the ability to enhance your workflow through improved flexibility and efficiency. 

Many of Pearson Assessments gold-standard product solutions are also available in digital format including the Wechsler range, CELF range, Vineland-3, and BASC-3.

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and a Pearson Clinical Assessment sales representative will be in touch. . .of course the team at Outside The Box Learning Resources will be here to support you along the way.

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